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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Lender Services

Q: What is a cash advance?

A: Cash advances provide you with emergency cash right when you need it most. Simply complete our online application, speak to a loan representative, and your cash will be ready for you by the next business day. Typically, there aren't any documents that you need to fax to Speedy Jet Loan and we make the entire process fast and simple.

Q: Does my information stay confidential within the lending company?

A: Yes, we do not disclose any of your personal information.

Q: How much can I qualify for?

A: The amount that you qualify for depends on many different factors, including your lender, income, and employment. In order to find out how much you can qualify for, simply complete our fast, two-minute online application, speak with one of our loan agents, and your cash is on the way.

Q: What does it cost?

A: The fee for our loans is only $30.00 per every $100.00 you borrow.

Q: Do I need to fax anything?

A: Unless you are unable to sign your loan documents through the e-signature process for some reason, we don't require you to fax anything in to us.

Q: How long will the verbal verification process take?

A: It depends on your personal circumstances, but it should not take more than five minutes.

Q: Will this affect my credit?

A: We do not report to any of the major credit agencies; however, it will affect your payday loan credit.

Q: When do I get my money?

A: You'll receive your money by the next business day as long as you've been approved.

Q: When do I pay back the loan?

A: You may call at any time or up to three business days before your due date in order to pay the loan off.

Q: Will the loan automatically pay down itself at any time?

A: Your loan does automatically start to pay itself down on the sixth refinance payment. It does a 10% principal by down, plus the fee for the remainder of the loan.

Q: Will I receive any notice of an upcoming due date?

A: We send out a reminder summary with your next due date on it a few days before it's actually due.

Q: How can I receive a copy of my loan documents if my printer is not working?

A: The lender can either fax, email, or mail out your documents to you if needed. Just call and request your copy today.

Q: Do I have to call if I want to pay more than the normal monthly fee?

A: Yes, we do ask that you call your lender at least three business days before your due date to set up an extra payment amount.

Q: If I'm running low on funds and my due date is coming up, is it possible to get an extension?

A: Many lenders will be happy to discuss an extension if necessary. Please contact your lender for additional details.

Q: What time of day does the payment come out of my checking account?

A: It depends on your particular banking institution.

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